Telling the Time!

In Maths this week, our focus is telling the time!

In Year 1, we learnt about 0’Clock and half past. Some of us even did quarter past and quarter to! Now we are in Year 2, we are learning to tell the time accurately to 5 minutes. We used to mini clocks to practise. The teachers called out a time and we had to show the right time! It’s was tricky, but we did it! With even more practise, we will be telling time whizz kids!

We’ll never be late to lunch again!

Entry Point – Super Humans!

Our new topic this half term is Super Humans! We will be learning all about the human body and why it’s so marvellous. In science, we will learn about the different senses and in technology we will making a healthy meal and menu.
For our Entry Point, we decided to do a body MOT to check our bodies were running correctly!

We did hand washing, pulse checking, food sorting and stretching! Here are some pictures!

2S are doing their entry point on Thursday so more pictures to come!

Wisley Gardens – The Earth-Our Home Exit Point

To celebrate our exit point, we visited Wisley Gardens.

As we learnt about trees in the topic ‘The Earth Our Home’, we decided to investigate a bit more!

A lovely guide, called John, talked to us about different types of trees (deciduous and evergreens). We looked at the different things that come from trees and then planted our own seeds.
Afterwards, we went to see the tallest tree in Wisley gardens. It was very very long!
Here is the best part….some pictures from the day!


Bee Hotels

In design technology, we learnt about how useful bee hotels are for the declining bee population. They help bees who are losing their habitats!
We decided to design and make our very own bee hotels to help the bees out!
We developed our skills by using mugs and special pens to decorated our bee hotels.

Here are the pictures we took:

Safer Internet Day!

On the 11th February 2020 it is Safer Internet Day! This happens every year so we can learn to use the internet in an appropriate way.

The theme this year is #freetobeme. So we are talking all about how we represent ourselves on the internet and what our identity can be online.

First we discussed what ‘identity’ means

We thought about how identity is kind of about what makes you you!
Then, we talked about the personal information we can and can’t share online. As more and more games become interactive with an active community we need to be more mindful about the information we share with people that we speak to online. As they are strangers, we should never share our full name, our address, where we go to school or our birthday. It’s okay to share some information, for example, your favourite food or something you don’t like.

we made our own profiles with examples of things that are safe to share online.

We hope this gives you some information about our lesson and helps you stay safe online too!

Have a safe time online! #freetobeme

PS. Sorry for a distinct lack of blog posts, my Seymour and I have both been very poorly !

Entry Point Shoebox Gardens

For our ‘Our Earth, Our Home’ Entry Point we asked all the children to bring in their own shoe box forests. You all did a fantastic job and should be proud of yourselves. They look fabulous. No doubt, you got a bit of help from your mums’ and dads’ of which we are very thankful!

See if you can spot yours!

The Lord’s Prayer

While Mr Seymour is in Finland doing an exciting project with some Year 5s, we have been learning about the Lord’s Prayer. We realised that even though we say it everyday, we don’t actually know what each line means.
In the first lesson, we looked ‘our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Your name,’. We discussed that God is like our father who can care for us.
We thought about people in our lives who care for us. We made a mind map of all those people and presented them to the class

Christmas Fun!

This is the most wonderful time of the year and despite doing lots of hard work, we also had time to fit some fun in too!

Enjoy some festive and funny Christmas photos and videos!

It has been a delight to teach you this term! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for your very lovely and sweet cards and presents. We are very grateful! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

All Dressed Up Exit Point!

Yesterday was our exit point for our topic ‘All Dressed Up’. We used everything we learnt to design and create some Christmas hats. We decided to make them Christmas themed because we had a very important event coming up….Our Christmas Dinner!

Here are some photos of us making and wearing our hats!

Learning about the safety and history of clothes!

On Friday, all of us presented our homework about clothes that our mums’, dads’ and relatives wore. We learnt that lots of parents wore similar clothes because they are from the same generation. It was so fun to see all the parents and grandparents when they were younger! We used excellent enquiry and communication skills!

We also learnt about how some clothes are worn for safety. For example, wearing hard hats when doing building or a police officer wearing a uniform to help protect them.

Then we learnt more specifically about the use of high vis jackets and why it is important to wear bright coloured clothes at night. We used glow sticks to demonstrate how fluorescent clothes can be seen in the dark!

We then drew items of protective clothing and stuck them onto the outline of a child! Now we know how to wear clothes that keep us safe!

P.S. Mr Seymour and his class were concentrating so hard on their work that they forgot to take photos!

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